b. 1996, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Based in Toronto, Canada & Cambridge, USA

Mahdi Chowdhury is a researcher, writer, editor, designer, and visual artist. He is presently a Ph.D student in History at Harvard University. He received his M.Phil in World History at the University of Cambridge where he was an awardee of the Graduate Studentship at the Cambridge Centre of Islamic Studies. He is presently an Editor-at-Large at the Toynbee Prize Foundation and a former Editor-in-Chief at the University of Toronto’s Journal of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. His essays have been published in Popula, The New Inquiry, C Magazine, Jadaliyya, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, and Himal Southasian—and his visual work has been featured in exhibitions in Toronto, New York, London, and Dubai. He is available for invitations and consultations related to writing, editing, and research. 


Trastevere, Rome